c.1950 Mound City Forwarding Co., Inc. Trucking Globe

c.1950 Mound City Forwarding Co., Inc. Trucking Globe

Unusual advertising piece promoting the Mound City Forwarding Company Inc. Although the company operated out of St. Louis and Chicago their oval Indian logo was very similar to the Mound City, Minnesota logo used by the Tonka toy company. The Mound City company was acquired by the Jones Trucking company in 1960. 

The piece is made from a thick, heavy 3" diameter glass globe set on top of a solid trapezoidal plastic(?) base.

The base itself is solid or was filled with something to off-set the weight of the globe and prevent it from toppling over. It has its original felt pad on the bottom. The base and globe are permanently connected together.

Inside the globe is a 2" long tractor trailer truck labeled Mount City Forwarding Co., Inc. The truck could be die cast metal because of it's appearance. There is no rust and it doesn't look like plastic. It's set onto some kind of brown platform; possibly rubber from its slightly fibrous look on the underside. The rear of the platform was angled upright behind the truck and printed with a city skyline and clouds in the background. It looks like the platform was connected by a large glass or plastic tab to the base which has darkened slightly from age. 

Size: See description

Price Sold: $ 100


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