1958 Nomura, Harley-Davidson Motorcycle (Auto Cycle) in Original Box

1958 Nomura, Harley-Davidson Motorcycle (Auto Cycle) in Original Box

I waited a long time to pick up one of these accurately detailed “rider-less”  tin litho Harley Davidson’s by Nomura. It has a friction motor and is in beautiful near mint – (minus) condition and comes complete with original box with attached insert.

Formally called an “Auto Cycle with Sparking Engine” it has a lot of realistic looking embossed parts like the exhaust pipes and forked fenders. The frame is brilliant Mandarin orange and features the prominent Harley Davidson logo on both sides of the gas tank. Also has its characteristic wide black seat, chrome-plated faux head light, silver engine details, handlebars with rubber grips [which turn the front wheel], and deep tread rubber tires. The separately tabbed rear license plate was lithoed with the date of manufacture, 1958. The manufacturer’s trademark was also lithoed on it’s left side.

Embedded in the center of the engine are two, red translucent cylinders. As the friction motor rotates, sparks are created which can be seen through the cylinder walls. The central rubber training wheels drive the motor.

The colorful box features a cover illustration showing a young man and woman racing off on their Auto Cycles (without helmets). A blow-up diagram of the engine was printed on the front and rear aprons. A permanent triangular insert fixed to the box bottom keeps the front wheel from hitting up against the bike while in transit.

Size: 9”. 

Price Sold: $ 565


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