1928 Girard, 8pc. Mammoth Truck Train in Original Box

1928 Girard, 8pc. Mammoth Truck Train in Original Box

I couldn't believe it when I found this magnificent eight piece pressed steel "Mammoth Truck Train". Produced by The Girard Model Works, Girard, PA, it grades in unbelievably excellent (C8) to excellent++ (C9+) condition. Measuring nearly a yard long, it comes complete with its original box plus inserts. It's the only high grade complete example, and the only box I've seen for this toy...ever!

The truck train components are all heavy gauge pressed steel with baked enamel surfaces. There's a total of 18 solid black rubber tires with raised lettering. Up front is an 11" long, 6-wheel tractor trailer van truck with creme colored cab and mint green van. It has its original nickel plated bell and clicker underneath the chassis, plus its original tailgate. The trailer van can be separated from the cab which has four hitching hole positions. Any of the three smaller cars can be substituted for the trailer van.   

The three cars include a two-sided dumping gondola, a stake wagon, and a tanker car. Each is approximately 6" long. They all have a similar chassis setup with removable front wheels and a 2½" black hitch. This provides a 360° swivel and makes them interchangeable. The cars are creme colored except for the gondola bin which is deep red. 

A battery operated version with electric headlights was also manufactured. I've never seen it.

Separation of every component is the only way to get it into it's 30" long plain cardboard box. The cover is marked only "Mammoth Truck Train" with catalog number T-1012345. No manufacturer name was printed on it. Interestingly, the name of the toy was printed several inches off center to the right. This caused the "I" and "N" in the word "Train" to print on the right endflap. The box has all four of its original cardboard separator inserts. 

Size: 34" long assembled

Sold: Mar. 2009

Price Sold: $ 670


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