1959 Nomura/IY, Buick Electra 2-dr. Hardtop in Original Box

1959 Nomura/IY, Buick Electra 2-dr. Hardtop in Original Box

This tin litho, friction drive, Buick Electra manufactured by Nomura and IY Metal has to be one of the most beautiful Japanese tin toy cars I've seen. With all original paint and not a single touch-up it's also one of the most pristine vehicles I've seen, grading in superb near mint condition. Smith House Toys, where I purchased it, graded it higher. It comes complete with its gorgeous, color illustrated original box.

Nomura and IY Metal accurately captured the features of the '59 Electra which made it so attractive. This includes double canted headlights complimented with canted taillights, flat roof, bat-wing shaped rear deck, and sharply curved rear windshield. Only 5,493 were built.

The two tone colors are deep sky blue (front hood, rear deck, and fins) and a very faintly pale yellow that's just a tint away from bright white. The tin litho interior has a detailed dashboard with matching blue plastic steering wheel, and red and pale yellow pleated bench seats. The single plate chassis is a purplish-gray color embossed with both the Nomura and IY Metal trademarks. Like the actual car it's loaded with silver finished chrome details. The grille emblem, hood and trunk ornaments are gold finished. The tires are solid black rubber with wide tin litho whitewalls, silver center and red hubs. The hub centers have a capital letter "B". The front and rear windshield are the original celluloid. The rear license plate is black with white lettering and chrome framed.

The box was colored primarily a dark teal-green/blue color. A full panel illustration of the Electra was printed on the cover. A "picture window" sunset cityscape is shown in the background. "The Car Buick '59" was printed on every cover panel. "Friction Powered" was included on the aprons. The IY Metal trademark was printed on the front apron, lower left corner.

Size: 12". 

Sold: Mar. 2009

Price Sold: $ 1938


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