c.1955 Bandai Electric PV444 Volvo 2dr-Sedan in Original Box

c.1955 Bandai Electric PV444 Volvo 2dr-Sedan in Original Box

Beautiful tin litho dark maroon PV444 Volvo 2-dr electric sedan from Bandai. Complete with original box. Fantastic original condition, both the toy and box grade near mint. ....and the battery operated motor runs great!

About six weeks ago I listed the friction drive version of this car. The color (maroon was the only color produced) and size are identical; and both were from the same collection. This is the battery operated version which runs on a single AA battery. The switch located above the rear bumper controls forward and reverse movement.

Like the friction drive model, the battery op. is an extremely accurate rendition of the actual PV444 sedan. Wonderful design features the characteristic sloping rear roof which merges to form the trunk section in one continuous sweeping line.  The body is embossed with raised front and rear quarter panels, front hood with center divider, and partial "forehead" roof divider. The doors, side windows, and front hood have recessed delineation lines. The chassis is a single plate, lithoed solid black complete with its original battery cover lithoed in gold "Volvo B Electric". The cover latch is securely in place without being loose or dented. 

It has a split front windshield made of polished tin. The rear windshield frame and side molding below the windows and above the fenders are also polished tin. The front grille assembly, separate front bumper, rear bumper, wheel covers are chrome plated. The hood ornament is gold finished. Tires are solid black rubber; the front pair can be turned right or left.  

The box cover has a full panel, full color illustration of the Volvo in a city setting with an ornamental figural fountain along the right edge. A rural country scene of this box was also produced. The front and rear aprons show three smaller color scenes including a memorial statue, a large hospital-like building, and a country scene. "Volvo with motor" was printed on the side aprons. There is no other text including a manufacturer's trademark which would ordinarily identify the producer. It's original waxed paper separator is still inside the box.

Size: 5½"

Sold: Apr. 2009

Price Sold: $ 370


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