c.1951 Kato Sairen, Battery Operated Skylark in Orig. Box

c.1951 Kato Sairen, Battery Operated Skylark in Orig. Box

I could find no reference for this early battery operated tin litho auto called "Skylark With Motor" manufactured by Kato Sairen, Japan. It's in amazing unplayed condition complete with window tag and original box. 

Manufacturer incorporated several early 50's American design features including a wide, low body lithoed deep cherry red, a Buick style chrome front grille, bumpers and side molding (although reversed), Mercury split front windshield with sun visor, and Ford hood ornament. Also lithoed are the front yellow head lights and the black chassis with battery compartment. The tires are solid black rubber with plated metal hubs.

The front wheels can be manually turned. The on/off switch on the rear trunk moves the car forward or reverse. It uses a single D-cell battery and it works great!

On the other hand, the pasted image on the box cover does indeed represent an authentic 1950 Buick. It was beautifully illustrated in dark green against a yellow background. "Skylark with Motor" occupies the upper right corner. The company's unusual diamonded triple-K trademark was printed in the lower left. Both top and bottom halves are original. The bottom half is correspondingly stamped "RED" on the underside to match the car. It still contains its original paper separator. The double sided window tag was printed on thin cardstock and hung with orange braided cord. I can't say for sure if the writing is Japanese, but I assume it is. Also, there's no English text on it.

Size: 9".

Sold: Feb. 2009

Price Sold: $ 223


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