1930 Marx, Home Town Meat Market in Original Box

1930 Marx, Home Town Meat Market in Original Box

This example of the Marx Home Town Meat Market has to be one of the highest grade "home town" toys I've seen. Complete with all tin litho six correct pieces which grade near mint. The box is near mint+ making it one of the highest grade box and toy combination's I've seen for this set.

As a diorama meat market the building interior consists of three walls and flooring. The back wall was detailed to include everything you'd expect to find in a 1920's butcher shop. There's the butcher behind the glass counter filled with various cuts of meat. Additional meats hang in a window on the right. Condiments and cooking accessories line several shelves on the left. A fashionable woman and young girl are shown making their selection. The side walls have more cuts of meat plus a hanging scale. The floor is a criss-crossed diamond pattern which was typical of the era. The back sides of the building walls are solid blue.

Movable parts include three butchers standing behind their meat counter. Each looks eager and willing to serve. Also included is an upright icebox (refrigerator), a squat table, and two stools. Another version (which I've never seen) substituted the stools for standing patrons. 

The box was beautifully printed with a wide panel illustration of the busy Home Town Meat Market. Multiple butchers and patrons are shown and, of course, lotsa meat! A compressed version of the same illustration was used on the short side panels. Endflaps include the toy name, catalog number, manufacturer name, address, and company motto. 

Size: 5" x 2½" x 3".

Sold: Mar. 2009

Price Sold: $ 203


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