1925 Reeves Mfg., No.30 Blue Bird in Original Box

1925 Reeves Mfg., No.30 Blue Bird in Original Box

Every once in a while I'll find a toy which, despite 30+ years of collecting, I've never seen, or heard of before. That's the case with this toy. Manufactured by the Reeves Mfg. Co., Milford, CT., it's called simply "Blue Bird" and it's absolutely fantastic! Amazingly it comes complete with its original box! The condition is awesome. Most likely never played with I've graded it excellent+ to near mint.

High grade condition toys produced by Reeves are indeed elusive. In fact ANY toy by Reeves is elusive. Blue Bird is a mechanical, heavy gauge tin litho carousel-like toy. Based on another Reeves toy called the Air-E-Go-Round pressing down on a small lever located on the central column starts the toy moving. 

As you can see in the photo's the thing that's really unusual about this toy is it's theme....birds. Specifically, beautifully designed three dimensional, accurately lithographed "Blue Birds". And they're large. Each is 3½". Soft colors were used including Robin's Egg Blue and a mild yellow. Feathers were lithographed over the entire body including part of the underside and both wings. The wings were also embossed. Beaks and eyes were colored red and yellow. The belly is a brilliant mandarin red. The underside of the wings is solid blue. My guess is that it was designed as a "girl's toy". 

The center column is the "topper". It shows repeating images of Robin's Egg colored birds in flight against a mellow yellow background. Neither the toy name, or manufacturer were lithographed onto the toy. Without the box it would be extremely difficult to identify. 

It's important to point out that while under motion THE WINGS WERE NOT MADE TO FLAP. The carousel spins, centrifugal force spreads out the three birds, they fly for 15 seconds or so, and then it stops. However, there is one other interesting point. The shape and size of the opening in the rear most assuredly indicates that each bird originally had tail feathers; probably blue. So as the birds flew around, their tail feathers would flap in the breeze. If you decide to add them they're sold at most craft specialty stores. Most important...it works beautifully!

Despite the darkening and severe fading it's still nice to have the original box. When I got it, it was in pieces and has been restored by Randy's Toy Shop. It was designed like the other 5 or so Reeves boxes I've seen. Rectangular with separate cover and bottom. The cover fits all the way down over the bottom. Each panel was divided triangularly from corner to corner; one half the color of the Blue Bird belly. The other in Robin's Egg Blue. The Reeves cigar-band-like label was printed on the three main panels. The toy with birds was printed on top. The birds minus the toy were printed on the front and rear panels. 

Size: 10" tall, 5" diameter base. 

Sold: Oct. 2009

Price Sold: $ 373


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