1929 Wolverine No.26 Sunny Andy Fleet Flyer in Original Box

1929 Wolverine No.26 Sunny Andy Fleet Flyer in Original Box

Extraordinary example of Wolverine's scarce clockwork pressed steel toy; Sunny Andy Fleet Flyer. Toy appears to be unused in high grade near mint condition. Amazingly complete toy comes with remarkable excellent+ to near mint box, all three inserts, original Wolverine in-box catalog, and company packing slip.

Over the past 15 years I've seen this toy probably five or six times, maximum. This particular example, by far, grades the highest of any them. The scant few areas of wear are all due to shifting inside the box. This is not tinplate, but all pressed steel. A miniature biplane with simple WWI-type wing markings was used instead of the usual automobile racer. A die cut metal pilot sits at the cockpit and it has a freely spinning propeller. Four wheels, instead of three, were needed to make it work properly.

Five pieces in total make up the toy. Three track, biplane, and aerodrome. Measuring nearly 6" tall, 6" long, and 3¼" wide, the beautifully lithographed aerodrome is the centerpiece of the toy. Designed as an arched structure it's reinforced with two embossed metal ribs which run the entire height and width. An internal vertically placed steel rod and a precisely fitting separate base makes it even stronger. The sides were lithoed with a "modern" high wing monoplane parked on a field. Two men are shown approaching the plane. A beautiful art deco logo featuring two black bird wings, slightly tilted, and a spinning propeller really makes this toy stand out. The toy name including catalog number were used to accent the design. A small window in the upper right corner was also included. The roof was done in an expanding yellow and red diamond design. The key is attached.L

The working time of the motor is extended with an automatic braking switch. It operates only when the plane strikes the switch which releases the motor. The motor causes a double sided rotating arm inside the aerodrome to act as an elevator. Two brackets located on the bottom edge of the plane are caught by the arm which lifts it from the lower to upper track. The plane is released onto a see-saw track. Gravity causes it to descend onto the lower track where the plane rolls back into the aerodrome and the cycle repeats. 

The toy assembles easily and "tight" without any play or loosening. The track supports both make ground contact. Best of all it works great!

The box was colorfully illustrated with red and yellow aircraft on a green background. Directions for assembling the toy, catalog number, toy name, and manufacturer name were printed directly onto the cover. The toy name was also printed on all four box aprons. The bottom is blank. Two inserts secure the track and keep them from contacting the aerodrome. The third insert is the original box which holds the biplane. It's the first time I've seen this small box. 

Also included is the original manufacturing inspection packing slip. It's stamped with the approval date, June 13 (or 15), 1929. "256' stamped to the right of the date is the actual number of the inspector who tested the toy. 

....and then there's the original Wolverine in-box catalog. It's not a copy or reproduction. It measures approximately 12" x 6". Called "Toy Topics" the fold out brochure advertises 15 more Wolverine toys. Retail prices were included for each toy. The Fleet Flyer's cost was $1.00. This is only the second example I've found of this rare catalog.

Size: 25" assembled. 

Sold: Mar. 2008

Price Sold: $ 796


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