1962 Nylint Happy Acres Ford Stake Truck in Original Box

1962 Nylint Happy Acres Ford Stake Truck in Original Box

Outstanding pressed steel "Happy Acres" Ford stake truck manufactured by Nylint. This is another truck from a fresh attic find that I recently purchased. It has been stored unopened since new. It comes complete with original box and original horses still sealed in factory bag. 

Originally it could be purchased as a separate truck, or in a farm set with a second vehicle. In 1964 it was also briefly sold as the Happy Ranchers Truck. 

It's made from heavy gauge pressed steel with baked enamel painted surfaces. It features a large colored oval decal on each door with three farm buildings. Ny-Lint and Happy Acres were printed above and below the images. Vital statistics include a red cab, trailer, and bed, plus white roof and stake panels. The front grille assembly is chrome plated steel. Tires are solid polyethylene (i.e., not with hollow interiors) with plastic whitewalls and chrome plated steel covers stamped "FORD". The Ford logo also appears on the front hood emblem. The seven stake panels are removable. The cab has a wrap around transparent polystyrene windshield without any openings. 

The truck comes with its complete set of four plastic polystyrene horses (2 adults and 2 colts). These are still sealed in original factory bag.  

The box was printed in single color (green). Only one set of endflaps were opened. The other is still factory sealed.  It's printed with illustrations of a smiling lad gazing in the direction of his truck and horses. Two other main panels repeat the illustration. The fourth panel is blank. 

Size: 14". 

Sold: Jul. 2010

Price Sold: $ 623


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