1963 Marx No.4938 Company Commander Combat Set in Original Box

1963 Marx No.4938 Company Commander Combat Set in Original Box

This set was originally purchased by an elderly couple for their grandkids so they wouldn't be bored when they came to visit and was only recently found. It was stored since new, never used, and only just recently opened for the first time by the auction house that I purchased it from. The staples were carefully removed from one end, while the other remains factory sealed.

This is the No. 4938 "Company Commander" Combat Line playset by Marx. It consists of 6 combat toys. 

  • Automatic pull-back reciprocating machine gun - never assembled, all plastic, includes turret with three separate legs (tripod). Approx. 23" long. Colored two-tone camo green with adjustable sharp shooter sight, recoiling red barrel tip, and staccato noise. Thumb control allows for single shot or automatic fire. Mechanical action requires no batteries. 
  • .45 Caliber Pistol -  uses realistic pull-back barrel mechanism. 8" long. All hard plastic with metal trigger and cap mechanism. Cross hatched grips. Explodes individual caps. 
  • Eight (8) red plastic bullets still attached to sprue -  all 8 load into pistol grip and eject through barrel with actual synchronized firing of exploding caps.   
  • Holster with ammo pouch - all plastic. Holster 9" tall, pouch 3" wide. Both holster and pouch embossed with US. and "Marx Toys". Uses buckle clip and tabs to attach to holster belt.  
  • Holster belt - 24" long, adjustable. All plastic. With clips and tabs to secure holster/ammo pouch. 
  • Exploding Grenade - 4" tall with removable metal pin. Rotating base permits individual cap insertion. Like a real grenade the pin must be removed to engage the cap. 

Original box is printed in brilliant orange, dark yellow, olive green, black, and white. Two panels are illustrated with one GI machine gunner and a second GI wielding gun and grenade. Catalog number, list of contents, and Marx logo are printed on these panels as well. Two opposite panels have the toy name "pseudo"-stenciled in black and orange on white and olive green background. Endflaps are solid yellow and white.

Also includes combination die cut cardboard machine gun insert. Printed with multiple schematic instructions showing machine gun assembly, pistol loading and firing, and grenade loading and operation. 

Size: Box 25½" x 5½" x 5½". Weight approx. 4lbs

Sold: May 2010

Price Sold: $ 318


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