c.1966 Mt. Fuji Co., Batman Rocket Car in Original Box

c.1966 Mt. Fuji Co., Batman Rocket Car in Original Box

One of the neatest and most unusual toys produced during the 1960's Batman craze was this very odd Batman Rocket Car. Produced in Japan by the Mount Fuji Company it's a rear wheel, friction drive vehicle which comes complete with its original Batman driver, and both original decals. It also has its original super rare illustrated box. Both toy and box are in incredible near mint to near mint+ condition.

The rocket body with its five fins are made from two halves of very thick plastic bolted together in the center. The steering wheel is also plastic while the windshield frame is polished tin. The truncated Batman driver is painted vinyl. The tires are solid black rubber and have polished tin metal hubs. It has its original yellow and red Batman fuselage decal and circular left upright wing. Both are 100% complete. (And in case you're wondering, the right side of the fin was never decaled. In other words it's not missing).

The box cover was illustrated with a totally bizarre image of Batman with outstretched black wings and nearly full panel color drawing of the Rocket Car. I know for sure that the Japanese text under his left wing translates as "Batman". The lower left corner shows the manufacturer's trademark; an encircled snow capped mountain (Mount Fuji) with the letters "MFG" (i.e., Mount Fuji Gangu). The front and rear aprons have a red background with the Rocket Car bursting through. The side aprons more closely resemble the licensed Batman logo than anything else on the toy. It has its complete original box bottom with tissue paper separator. 

Size: 7¾". 

Sold: Sep. 2010

Price Sold: $ 515


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