c.1885 Victorian "Sea Side" Water Scene Sand Pail

c.1885 Victorian

Incredible Victorian era "Sea Side" tinplate sand pail in immaculate excellent+ to near mint condition. Beautiful intricate lithography with brilliant  red, blue, and gold chromolithograph colors. Includes original metal bail!

This pail features the large capitalized words "SEA SIDE" written in blue against a gold background with blue bands. The central inset includes a Victorian scene of several women "bathing". Clouds, birds in flight, and a shore building can be seen in the background. To the left of this image is a lithograph of a sailboat or small yacht. A small two-man motor-less boat is on the right side. The back of the pail has six gold and blue five-pointed stars. The bail is connected with simple looping through two unreinforced punched holes (one on each side). 

Manufacture; The two edges of the pail sides were joined by slipping one end into the other. The bottom is a separate disk with circular embossing. Both top and bottom rims are rounded. There is no text or markings which would identify the manufacturer.

Karen Horman and Polly Minick's book "Sand Pail Encyclopedia", page 73, shows a pail with identical lithography. However, it's larger, taller, has a different bail, and has completely different coloring than this one. But the manufacturer is probably the same. The authors comment that the example in the book is a "rare and unusual early pail". 

Size: 3-3/8" tall, 4-3/8" top diameter, 3-3/8" bottom diameter.

Sold: Feb. 2011

Price Sold: $ 790


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