1953 Blomer & Schüler, Roundabout with Rockets in Original Box

1953 Blomer & Schüler, Roundabout with Rockets in Original Box

Kaleidoscopic clockwork tin litho with amusement park toy correctly called "Roundabout with Rockets". Manufactured in Western Germany by Blomer & Schüler, Nuremberg. Impeccable near mint to near mint+ condition in its original box with awesome cover print and original key. 

The trademark logo showing P.T. Barnum's prized elephant "Jumbo" topped with "B&S" howdah identifies the manufacturer of this awesome toy. Four rockets, each with two passengers, are connected to a centrally rotating axle with multicolored metal supports. Up and down over raised railings on the base alternately lift and lower the rockets. 

In both action and appearance it's actually very symmetrical. That's the beauty of a great toy; it looks simple, but it's really not.

The rockets go 'round, up and down over a three tiered base. The widest area of the base (at the bottom) shows groups of happy people, holding hands, and walking among flowers to pathways through the adjacent lawns. The next tier shows the carnival with balloons, rides, games, and people (on the rides). The scalloped top tier shows the two jet rockets; symbolic of the power required to raise the four rotating rockets. Again, if you give it a quick glance it looks like a simple toy, but a closer look reveals how intricately designed and well thought out it really is.

The toy is wound using its separate key. The stem is well hidden in the top of the base. The key was not substituted. It was the original one which came with the toy. I've only once seen an actual B&S embossed key. It has a separate start/stop lever on the side.

The box lid was completely covered with a full color very detailed illustration. Of course the Roundabout is up front and first catches your eye. Then you see all of the other fantastic "other stuff" going on. The only text on the entire box is the small B&S Jumbo logo in the lower left corner. I'm just guessing, but I think the fading black crayon text written on one of the box bottom panels was the name of its original owner. 

Size: 10" diameter, 4" tall. 

Sold: Mar. 2011

Price Sold: $ 220


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