1931 Marx, Reversible Climbing 6-Wheel Tractor in Original Box

1931 Marx, Reversible Climbing 6-Wheel Tractor in Original Box

Here's another awesome unsold store stock toy from the Kaufman Collection that I've never seen before. It's Marx's "Reversible Climbing 6 Wheel Deluxe Tractor" complete with its original box and auction hang tag from Bertoia Auctions.

Oh, once in a while I'll see Marx 6 wheel tractor on ebay or at a show, but never like this. First, it's completely made of nickel plated pressed steel giving the entire toy a silvery mirror finish. It actually has an internal clutch driven by an external chain operated using two separate levers; one for Stop/Start and the other for Forward/Back. The side and hood are embossed with engine machine details. It has an early flat style radiator with 65 separate grille rectangles stamped into it. Above this is the Marx logo. In raised letters at the radiator base is Louis Marx' name and his New York 5th Avenue address. The rear plate behind the driver has the patent license text and pat. number in raised letters. 

Second, it has all four original white rubber treads still intact. Actually the white treads were made from real rubber and came from real rubber trees. As the company quickly discovered they melted at high temperatures and were replaced in 1932 with black synthetic rubber treads. Over time the melted treads hardened, became inflexible, cracked and broke. Every now and then you can find pieces of white tread, and on rare occasion you may find one of the two treads still partially intact. But never have I seen one, much less four, white rubber tracks on the same tractor intact and in place with only slight sagging between the two forward wheels. Of course, they've hardened. They won't turn, but the wheels sure will. In fact the motor works beautifully, both in forward and reverse gears. It has to be handled very carefully to avoid cracking the treads.

It also comes with it's rare style original driver with light brown pants, yellow belt, orange shirt, and orange wide brim hat. The cast iron key is attached.

The original box was printed in red, brown, and blue. The blank areas, now yellow-brown, were originally white 80 years ago. It shows a left side portrait view of the toy with the matching driver (as on the toy). It's advertised as the Super Power Model in addition to its reversible, climbing, and 6 wheel properties. It has all three original endflaps. Internal flaps are long gone. 

The toy was sold through Montgomery Ward where it appeared for only one year; 1931. The original price was $1.20, which 80 years ago was considered a very expensive toy.

Size: 12". Weight 2½ pounds.

Sold: May 2011

Price Sold: $ 381


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