c.1933 Wyandotte, No.326 Pressed Steel Dump Truck

c.1933 Wyandotte, No.326 Pressed Steel Dump Truck

From the famed Kaufman Collection comes this outstanding example of one of Wyandotte's earliest pressed steel trucks. Complete and with all original paint and parts; in Excellent+ condition this is a No. 326 9¾" Dump Truck. It's also a bit of an enigma as many of its components were not used for this size truck.

This example is an all-orange "unicolor"; that is the chassis, body, and dump bed are all the same color. It's an early style with flat "nose" radiator without a separate front grille. The cab roof has a front overhang extension. The cab has a single square window on each door. There are 4 louvers on each side of the front hood. The chassis, trailer, running boards and front fenders are all one piece. The dump bed has a sloping rear which is spring released by pressing a latch located just behind the center of the cab roof. The tires are solid white rubber embossed "Wyandotte Toys", on red wooden hubs. Each tire has three parallel treads. 

It's a fantastic example of an early Wyandotte truck, but for collectors it's also a bit of an enigma. Several characteristics were never used on the 9¾" long truck. The tires, wheels, and dump bed mechanism were used for other size trucks, but not on a 9¾".

In fact this model truck, manufactured from 1931-1932 has a dump mechanism that wasn't patented until 1934; 2 years after it was out of production (although it was used on the 7" dump truck in 1933). The single color body and chassis wasn't used on any dump truck of this style although this does occasionally turn up. 

Finding these unusual properties for this truck isn't surprising since Mr. Kaufman obtained many of his toys directly from the factory. Many odd one of a kind items including prototypes turned up in his collection. On the other hand it could be just tough to find. 

Size: 9¾" 

Sold: May 2011

Price Sold: $ 433


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