1925 Strauss "Ham And Sam" Minstrel Team in Original Box

1925 Strauss

Classic tin litho wind-up duo "Ham and Sam, The Minstrel Team" complete and in awesome excellent+ condition. One of the best examples I've seen. ....and they come with their rare original box!

One of the earlier piano-band clockwork toys it features some of the best and most intricate lithography of its time. Simple wind-up mechanism with attached key and stop/start switch. Seated piano pianist appears to slap at the keys, which his companion "dances" and "plays" banjo. Both figures are articulated at the shoulders, while the dancer is also hinged at the "knee caps". One thing I've never figured out is which one is Sam and which one is Ham!

The piano is lithographed with "faux" wood grain with green trim on all sides except for the top which is yellow. The sides and front include man and woman dancing minstrel couple. The rear of the piano includes the wonderful clown-on-globe- Strauss trademark, along with the company name and patent information.

It's interesting to note that the 1921 patent date on the rear of the piano refers to the clockwork mechanism and not the toy. The actual toy was made available in 1925 through the Sears Roebuck store or catalog. It appeared for only one year and sold for 89¢.

The box was lavishly illustrated with detailed drawings on every panel except the bottom which was blank. The cover shows the "team" doing their stuff on stage with a happy audience looking on. Front and rear panels represent the front of the Music Hall. While the music commences on the inside it shows several folks on the outside enjoying themselves. Side panels represent the, of course, the exterior sides of the Hall. A pipe smoking worker pastes up a large Ham and Sam poster while several fans look on in expectation. 

Size: 6½" x 7¼" x 5". 

Sold: Oct. 2011

Price Sold: $ 831


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