1906 Hubley, No.43 Mechanical Locomotive in Original Box

1906 Hubley, No.43 Mechanical Locomotive in Original Box

Incredible museum quality cast iron "Mechanical Locomotive No.43" produced by Hubley under their name Lancaster Brand. This is one of the most pristine and all original cast iron toys I've seen. In my humble opinion it's quality is on-par with cast iron toys from the famous Hegarty Collection sold by Sotheby's, October, 2001, and Griffith's Collection sold by Sotheby's, December, 2000. I was fortunate to examine both collections in person prior to their sale. 

AND it comes complete with its original box which is the first I've seen! Plus an ancient cast iron key, which, if it isn't original to the toy, it's sure close.

Beautifully designed and painted solid black with gold highlights and red spoke wheels. The smaller forward wheels are copper finished cast iron. The clockwork motor housing and gears are solid brass! And yes, it works flawlessly.

The box is a simple two piece plain folded cardboard. It still has its complete original factory sticker on one end. Written in marker on the box cover is "IRON WIND UP ENGINE CBH". The bottom is imprinted with the original Baltimore manufacturers name. 

The immense key is solid cast iron. It has a single turning hole in the handle. From its construction and appearance it may be original to the toy. But more likely it's original to the same era in which the locomotive was manufactured. 

This particular model was included in Hubley's 1906 catalog shown below. Even the catalog was considered scarce when it was reprinted in 1964. It was given to me by Bob Shepard who was the original consultant for the Hegarty sale and is not included in this auction.

Size: 7½". 

Sold: Dec. 2011

Price Sold: $ 585


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