c.1960 Yonezawa "Mr. Robot" in Original Box

c.1960 Yonezawa

Classic battery operated tin litho and plastic "Mr. Robot" by Yonezawa. Comes complete with original box and insert. Near mint+ condition; it appears that it was never played with!

Beautiful skirted robot, deep red version with black arms. Body and arms are tin litho. Head and facial features are plastic. Multiple actions include stop and go movement, lighted head, and spinning "mechanical brain". 

The unique thing about this toy is that it appears to have never been played with. Why? Because it was originally manufactured without the lower right, brass finished battery terminal. So it was never in working condition. And it didn't just fall out either! The condition of the slots where the terminal fits looked like it had never been installed. There was no mark, or discoloration, wear, slot widening, broken connection, or anything else to indicate that it had ever been present. I've since had it repaired and it works great!

In addition the battery cover showed no signs of being repetitively latched and closed. In other words there are no marks on the tab at the bottom of the battery cover (see photo below). Typically these are acquired over time as the cover lock is turned into place. 

The only "marks" adjacent to the battery box lie underneath the battery cover in the two upper corners (see photo below). Both are not visible when the cover is closed. 

The box was printed with an accurate illustration of the actual toy. Smaller graphics of the robot were included on each apron. It has its die cut insert which fits around the base. I haven't sold this toy before so I don't know if it had multiple inserts.

Size: 11".

Sold: Jan. 2012

Price Sold: $ 1681


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