c.1946 GAMA, No.260/9 Fire Truck with Water Pumper in Original Box

c.1946 GAMA, No.260/9 Fire Truck with Water Pumper in Original Box

Superb, two piece clockwork tin litho Fire Engine Ladder Truck with separate Water Pumper Trailer in near mint+ condition. Fantastic toy comes complete with original hose and reel, extension ladder, water syringe, and GAMA cast iron nickel plated key. The entire set is still in its original box which is also in near mint condition. The toy has never been played with.

The truck is marked "Made in U.S. Zone, Germany". The box is marked "Made in Western Germany".

The truck is embossed tin litho with black steel litho chassis and bumper, and rear hose reel support. It has chrome plated wheel hubs with solid rubber tires. A lever in the front of the truck turns the front axle wheels right or left.

It has a strong clockwork motor and a bell rings loudly as the truck moves forward. It works great! It has its correct original GAMA key. 

Controls on the ladders allow them to rotate, raise to a stationary position, and lower. A second control wheel extends and shortens the extension although the red extension cord has tied it in place. The cord is mostly likely replaced, but with the exact correct color so it still looks terrific. Both the ladder, separate extension, and geared rotating base are polished tinplate.  

It has its original removable hose reel and original rubber hose. Those has hardened and is no longer flexible. It probably had a nozzle, or it may be on the other end wound up in the reel. The hose connects to a clear tube which protrudes from the rear of the water pumper trailer.

The pumper trailer is also tin litho with tires that match the truck. It hitches to the back of the truck. The combined length of both the truck and trailer is just under 14". The trailer operates as a real water pumper. A hole in the top is filled with water using the enclosed plastic syringe. A crank on the side pumps the water. For added realism a lever attached to the chassis of the trailer raises it off the ground onto four pointed clamps. Real pumps used this device to prevent it from moving while the water was being pumped. The toy is complete and the condition is incredible. Like other antique tinplate water toys, the ability to actually pump water is irrelevant.

The original box is just beautiful. The cover has a detailed color illustration of the pumper and truck in use at a fire. The drawing accurately represents the actual toy. The sides of the box include all of the instructions in schematic form. Turning the front wheel, operation of the ladders, hitching the pump, use of the syringe, reel, hose, and pump supports are all shown. 

Size: Truck 9". Water Pumper Trailer 5". 

Sold: Mar. 2007

Price Sold: $ 677


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