1939 Marx, Dopey Walker in Original Box

1939 Marx, Dopey Walker in Original Box

Superb mechanical tin litho walker complete with original box. Classic antique toy occasionally found by collectors, but rarely in high grade condition. Even more unusual is to find it with a high grade original box. This auction has both an outstanding toy and a complete original box.

The Marx company accurately captured the appearance of the animated figure even though Dopey was the only tin character toy made from the Disney "Snow White" film. It's marked with a 1938 copyright date which was the year the film was released, however it was actually produced in 1939. In addition to the Marx logo it's marked "W. D. Ent.". It sold for 25¢.

The fantastic three color box features two repeating illustrations which are nearly full panel in length. The toy is almost identical in appearance to the drawing. One shows Dopey from the front and other from the side. Woodland critters and the Queen's castle can be seen in the background. 

Size: 8".

Sold: Mar. 2007

Price Sold: $ 1306


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