1950 Marx, Tractor Implement Set with Double-Horse Drawn Wagon In Original Box

1950 Marx, Tractor Implement Set with Double-Horse Drawn Wagon In Original Box

Awesome seven piece clockwork tin and steel litho farm tractor set with two-horse team hay wagon, three-gang plow, implements, driver, and instructions. The set comes complete with its original corrugated box lithographed to look like a farm barn. Although I couldn't find a specific reference for this combination of items, sets like these were usually sold exclusively through Sears-Roebuck or Montgomery Wards. They were not inexpensive, retailing between $4 to $5. This limited their production so it's unusual to find a set like this 58 years later, complete and unused in the original box. Actually it's only the second such set I've found.

The clockwork tractor features a start stop lever, aluminum wheels, attached cast iron key and original rubber treads. The driver has never been inserted into the tractor seat since there are no scratches or scuffs on the tabs. For my photo's I placed him in position without pressing the tabs in place.

The implements include a three-gang plow, a mowing machine with realistic moving teeth, and a road scraper. The plow and mower are pressed steel with baked on enamel paint. The wheels are lithographed, embossed pressed tinplate disks. The scraper is aluminum.

Also included is a two-horse drawn hay wagon and a separate two wheeled cart. The horses are pressed tin litho hitched to the wagon with a zinc plated metal harness between them. The plastic, four wheel wagon is a stake type with removable sides. The two wheeled cart is tin litho (silver interior and red exterior) with embossed painted tin wheels. The two miniature hay bales are included.

The original box with inserts was designed as part of the play set. The two endflaps could be folded into grooves cut in the inner flaps to form a gabled roof. One side of the box has a pair of barn doors that are perforated along three sides so they could be be opened. The fourth edge worked as a hinge. It comes with four separate cardboard inserts. Lastly, the original instruction with schematic show how to attach the scraper to the tractor.

Best of all it works great!

Size: It might be difficult to visualize the scale of this toy. The overall length of the three-gang plow hitched to the 8½" tractor is approximately 20". The gang plow is 11½" wide. The scraper is 5½" wide. The mower is 12" wide. The horse team and wagon measures 13" long. Box measures 13½" x 10" x 9"

Date Sold: Mar. 2008

Price Sold: $ 391


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