1952 Wyandotte, No.1503M Semi-Express Truck in Original Box

1952 Wyandotte, No.1503M Semi-Express Truck in Original Box

Superb heavy duty pressed steel Wyandotte Semi-Express Tractor Trailer Truck in amazing high grade excellent+ to near mint condition. Huge nearly 2ft. long scarce all-metal version complete with high grade original box. An identical model No.1503 with metal trailer and plastic cab was produced in greater quantity. The "M" in the catalog number represents the word "metal".

Two piece tractor trailer truck runs on six hard rubber embossed tires, with parallel treaded rims, and red painted wooden hubs. Cab was beautifully designed in contrasting colors of brilliant red and yellow. Wyandotte logo and "Wyandotte Construction" lithoed onto both cab doors. Embossed black and white metal grille assembly was separately tabbed to the body. Front yellow bumper is actually part of the chassis which was folded up to a 90º angle. Black striping was lithoed to highlight doors, cab lights, fenders and step-up's. Raised hitching platform (between rear wheels) pivots for sturdy trailer attachment. 

Long, tall trailer characterized with rounded front and partially open rear. Deep blue color siding with two level yellow bed. Manual push-down metal rest allows for trailer to stand independent of cab (see 5th photo from bottom). Top lip of trailer edges folded inwards for safety. For added realism a seventh matching spare rubber tire was fixed to the tail. Above this, on either side, are two red jewel reflectors. An additional group of three reflectors protrude through a rounded, light blue metal strip on the trailer front. The sides feature six die cut, slanted stake windows. The sides also include a raised, separately tabbed red, white, and blue all-metal 5" x 2" Wyandotte Truck Line logo sign.  

The box is a simple double walled cardboard stenciled with the catalog number and product. One set of endflaps is still factory sealed. The opposite opened flaps still show most of its original shipping label. Plus it's original $3.29 price written in grease pencil can be easily read.

Size: 23" x 5½" x 8". Weight approx. 5lbs.

Sold: Jan. 2008

Price Sold: $ 406


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