c.1930 Lindstrom's Skeeter-Bug in Original (Red) Box

c.1930 Lindstrom's Skeeter-Bug in Original (Red) Box

Classic steel litho amusement park bumper car with clockwork movement manufactured by Lindstrom Tool & Toy Co., Bridgeport, CT. Gorgeous excellent+ to near mint condition. Complete with first box version featuring large blue and red capitalized text on two panels. 

Skeeter-bug was aptly named because of 1) its random right, left, or circular "mosquito" movement and 2) for its bulgy bug-type styling. Includes original die cut- tin litho man and woman occupants in the rear cockpit hunched over in driving positions. Interesting to note that the litho for the man was cut off-center so his eye is where his nose should be and mouth is at his chin. Both sit behind a curved split chrome plated windshield frame (not originally fitted with a windshield). The body is decorated with a large chrome plated grille assembly which includes attached head lights and slant back hood ornament. The sides are covered with an art deco winged key, or figure "8" design which tapers off towards the rear of the car. Toy still has its complete rubber bumper running along the entire perimeter of the base. 

It comes with a large, separately attached pressed steel key. It's interesting to point out that although it's probably not original to the toy, it is indeed old. In fact I've lately seen several Lindstrom toys with this exact same key design. 

The chassis is solid plate with four protruding wheels. The two in front are powered by the clockwork motor which is housed beneath a raised red metal covering. The rear wheels lay inside two arced slots. An internal rod connecting the rear axle to the motor is randomly extended and withdrawn, causing the axle and wheels to turn. It has a start/stop switch located just below the grille. Best of all it works flawlessly; without any hesitation or jerkiness.

The box was printed primarily in blue and red. Only some small areas of the side panels have any blank white. As mentioned, large bold text with the toy name and manufacturer name appear on the two main panels. The other two panels show one of the Skeeters striking another from the side, with a large "HEADS UP!" printed above. The endflaps were printed with the toy name, catalog number, manufacturer name and address. 

Size: 9" and 5" at its widest point.

Sold: Dec. 2007

Price Sold: $ 359


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