c.1935 Germany, Clockwork Under-Over Auto in Original Box

c.1935 Germany, Clockwork Under-Over Auto in Original Box

I couldn't identify the manufacturer of this five piece wind-up clockwork "under-over" automobile complete with its original box and schematic instructions. The toy marked only "Made In Germany" uses an intricate flywheel mechanism to lift the vehicle up and over itself back onto the upper track. It's not a flip-over toy. The  weight of the auto moves it forward until the upper track levers down perfectly onto the lower track. This pushes it up the incline, returns, and is then lifted again back onto the upper track. 

Despite its small size (it all fits into a 4½" x 3" x 1¾" box) the strong clockwork mechanism propels the vehicle through approximately 20 cycles. Everything must be lined up perfectly in order for it to work properly. The angle of the inclined ramp and centering of the upper with lower tracks must be precise every time. It works beautifully, but you need patience to get there. Probably for this reason the toy looks like it was infrequently played with. It also comes complete with its original key. 

The original illustrated instructions lie flat in the box and are unmarked. It shows the track labeled as 1, 2 and 3. The first piece of track is permanently attached to the clockwork housing. It shows three leg supports however, the first is contained inside the housing and is stamped "1". The other two tracks are both stamped "2" even though they're the correct sections. No track is missing.

The box is a plain cardboard type stamped "Germany" and "450". It's acquired a penciled number and some penned letters on the lid, but they're fairly inconspicuous. It has all eight of its original 90º staples, two in each corner.

Size: 11" assembled. 

Sold: Mar. 2006

Price Sold: $ 283


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