1946 Holgate Toys, No. 638 Auto Convoy Trailer

1946 Holgate Toys, No. 638 Auto Convoy Trailer

Awesome 4 piece hardwood "Auto Convoy Trailer" pull toy. Early post-war version with original Holgate stickers on each vehicle. Comes complete with original string and pull bead. There are no cracks, chips, gouges, edge wear, or paint wear. 

Set includes:

Tractor truck with removable roof and 2 people. 5" long. With red side stenciling, metal head lights, black wooden wheels, and approx. 60% of original left sticker and 70% on right sticker. Grades EXC+ to near mint with slight tire rim wear. No gouges, dings, dents, edge wear, or scratches. Stenciling all intact. People have paint wear. Looks like string partially unraveled and was tied off. 

Sedan with removable roof. 2 removable people. 2 headless people (looks like it was manufactured this way. It's not damaged). With green stenciling. "Steering wheel". Black wooden tires plus 5th trunk mounted spare. Sticker 100% intact. Original finish has darkened to a beautiful gold and brown color. 8" long. 

Sports Car with 2 removable people. Red stenciling. 5 wooden wheels (see Sedan). "Steering wheel". Metal head lights. 7½" long. Holgate sticker is 100% intact. 

Trailer with 4 black wooden wheels, complete with all brass rivets and 2 vehicle support chains. 16½" long.

Sold: Oct. 2011

Price Sold: $ 85


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