1911 Dayton Friction Toy Co., Gimbels Auto Delivery Truck

1911 Dayton Friction Toy Co., Gimbels Auto Delivery Truck

Early pressed steel vehicle with solid panel sides and oval windows, separately attached running boards, driver, pressed steel wheels, and trim. White body with red running boards, red radiator trim and gold wheels. Features Dayton's rear wheel "double friction motor". Front wheels are steerable. Gimbels labels appear to be hand cut paper labels. Body highlighted with red trim along sides, roof and hood.

From my research Dayton Friction Toy Co., never manufactured a proprietary business production vehicle. They did produce a generic Auto Delivery Truck, however it was blue with raised oval circles on the side panels, a different driver, different style wheels, and running boards with rear steps. Except for these features this Gimbels truck is virtually identical to the generic Auto Delivery version. 

I purchased this toy at auction in Ohio near where the Dayton factory was originally located. Although the paint on this truck is very old I believe it is a repaint, however I think there's a good chance that using the Auto Delivery it was a company prototype. Differences like the driver, missing the oval panels, hand cut paper labels, the running board minus the steps, broader wheels and different paint are all good indications that this is so. I can't, of course, conclusively identify it as a prototype without some type of paper trail to corroborate it. Regardless, it's still an unusual and early vehicle in excellent condition. 

Size: 11" x 4½" x 7".

Sold: Mar. 2005

Price Sold: $ 333


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