c.1960 Hayashi, Consolidated Freightways Tractor Truck & Tank Trailer in Original Box

c.1960 Hayashi, Consolidated Freightways Tractor Truck & Tank Trailer in Original Box

Outstanding near mint to mint in box tin litho friction drive, tractor truck and tank trailer. Never played with complete with original box. Although neither the toy, or the truck are marked with the manufacturer's name, I believe it was produced by Hayashi, Japan. 

Awesome vehicle and because of it's large cylindrical tank is almost never found in pristine condition. All it takes is one tiny bump, or a very light squeeze and the tank is dented. This is one of the few, possibly the only one I've found without so much as a single impression anywhere on the truck. Only two faint light scratches on the top of the tank which occurred when it hit up against the cab inside the box.

Beautifully and accurately lithographed truck modeled after the actual White Consolidated Freightways tanker produced during the early 1960's. Features bright green square cab with cherry red chassis and detailed bench seat interior. Dual celluloid windshields up front framed in chrome. Large side window frames, front grill, headlights, embossed hub caps, and bumper are also all chrome plated.

Accurately rendered "White Freightliner" logo lithoed on separately attached black metal oval just below the windshield. Accurate "CF" decals on both passenger and driver doors. The cab alone has 10 solid rubber tires. The long black exhaust stack is tin litho, not rubber.

The tanker section includes the large ribbed silver cylinder with accurately rendered "Consolidated Freightways" decal logos on both sides and rear. The tank is attached to a large, single piece, cherry red chassis with front and rear extended fenders. It has a drop down pair of solid rubber parking tires which have been extended down only once. The circular hitching peg is solid metal and bolted from the inside. Another four pair of solid rubber tires are connected to the rear of the trailer (making an accurate total of 18 tires).

Along the bottom edges of the tank are 9" chrome metal beams which stabilizes the cylinder. A rounded chrome plated ladder, a dimpled chrome plated platform and hatch cover top off the tank. Overall, one of the most realistic looking tin toy American trucks to come out of Japan. 

The original box features an attractive color illustration of the truck on the cover. Simple line illustrations of the vehicle along with several Consolidated logo's appear on the side panels. 

Size: Cab 7", Trailer 12 " (16" assembled), Tank 3¼" diameter.

Sold: Jun. 2005

Price Sold: $ 377


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