1947 Wyandotte, 30 Shot Repeater Water Pistol in Original Box

1947 Wyandotte, 30 Shot Repeater Water Pistol in Original Box

Fantastic heavy gauge, chrome steel pistol by Wyandotte. Complete with original box. Although it may not look like anything special this toy pistol represented a new invention for firing successive shots of a liquid, for an extraordinary distance, using very little "ammunition", and no stopper. In fact Wyandotte was granted a separate patent specifically based on the design and operation of this single toy. 

The pistol was weighted to feel like an actual firing arm with the center of balance located closer to the grip. In this way it remained upright and was one reason why no stopper was needed. For long life and to prevent it from rusting all of the interior components were made of plastic although the exterior is chromed pressed steel.

It uses an ingenious internal piston and valve mechanism which draws the liquid into a reservoir similar to drawing back on a syringe plunger. Internal valves close off the drawn liquid from the reservoir. This results in a huge build up of pressure when the trigger is squeezed and is the second reason why a stopper was not needed. Not only does this require less liquid, and therefore less refilling, but it shot farther than any water pistol designed up to that date.

I thought this was very interesting so I've included a copy of the schematic illustrations from the actual 1947 patent (see 3rd photo). It was granted in 1951.

The box is illustrated with the pistol over most of the panel and a hand holding a tape measure indicating 25 ft. Directions (submerge and fire) were printed on the side panels. The Wyandotte logo was also included on the cover. 

Size: 8¼" 

Sold: Sep. 2005

Price Sold: $ 79


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