1964 Chein No 275 Roller Coaster In Original Box

1964 Chein No 275 Roller Coaster In Original Box

Chein produced their classic tin litho mechanical Roller Coaster for nearly 35 years. This version produced from the late 1950s into the early 1960s was the last type. Although it may seem to be more frequently seen than its red, yellow, and blue predecessor, it has a visual appeal which is rarely seen in 60 year old toys.

This example was unsold, unused store stock. In my opinion it's particularly scarce because of 1) it's unbelievable near mint+ condition and 2) it comes with the scarcest box variation.

The toy remained as unsold store stock because the metal ribbon wind-up motor had come loose from the slot which held it in position. As a result it would not wind properly and had never been used. It was not actually "broken". I've had it fitted back into position and now it works flawlessly!

As in preceding versions, Chein's Roller Coaster is all tin litho and features a double looping track with automatic car return. It comes with both of its original and correct 1960?s style cars. Even the white elastic belt is the original factory issue. It's never been replaced or stretched out of shape.

There are many more details in this version as compared to the earlier Chein coasters, but what really sets it apart is the condition of those details. Because it was never used the lithography is much brighter and it has a lot more visual appeal. For example, I've never seen such bold contrast between the brilliant white and deep red checkerboard track. And the color of the evergreen trees around the track is actually dark green; not a combined mixture of faded blue and yellow. My guess is this is how Chein envisioned the toys' appeal to its consumers when it was first produced. That appeal must diminish after 50 or 60 years exposure to excessive temperatures, smoky environments, humidity, etc. Even the side panels look "fresh" despite the frequency which I seen them over the years. In other words although I've seen this version several times, when I look at this example it's like seeing the toy for the first time.

And then there's the box! It was the last version, printed in red, white, and blue, and included a full color, panel wide photograph! It was also produced at least 5 years after the toy was manufactured! Check out the logo on the toy and compare it to the box. The toy logo was used until 1965. The box logo was used from 1969-72. Apparently the new box was used to sell off unsold product made several years earlier. Possibly for these reasons it's the most difficult Roller Coaster box version to find. Curiously, the box wasn't printed with a zip code. Technically, this should have been the case if it had been produced in 1969.

It also comes with its original insert.

Regardless of all this "stuff" it's a fantastic toy and an awesome box!!

Size: 19" x 9" x 8".

Date Sold: Sept. 2009

Price Sold: $ 405


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