1933 Tootsietoy, No. 5310 Deluxe Truck Set in Original Box

1933 Tootsietoy, No. 5310 Deluxe Truck Set in Original Box

Here's just about the finest complete and all original Tootsietoy set (of any kind) I've seen. Eight vehicles in near mint condition or better. Complete in their original box, with insert, and 1932 product catalog. Set No. 5310 was produced from 1933 - 1935. However only the first and earliest version contained these specific vehicles. All are die cast metal with specific lithographed tinplate components.

Includes the following:

6" Mack Trucks (1/43 scale) - all 1st year issues w/10 white rubber tires, all intact (trailer wheels are tandem)

    * No. 801 Mack Express Stake Trailer Truck (orange w/black chassis) - Embossed "Express" on both sides. 

    * No. 802 Mack Domaco Oil Trailer Truck - (red cab, tank. green trailer. black chassis) 

    * No. 803 Mack Long Distance Hauler Van Trailer Truck - (green cab, trailer, red roof, black chassis) Die cast with tin plate trailer roof. 1st version with tandem wheels. Embossed Long Distance Hauling on both sides. Complex toy produced for only three years. 

    * No. 805 Mack Milk Trailer Truck - white tin litho tank lettered Tootsie Toy Dairy, (black chassis, yellow cab and trailer. 1st version w/tandem wheels. 

Vehicles <6" long

    * No. 804 Mack Coal Truck (4") - non-articulated, 1st version with orange cab, black chassis and green rear body. City Fuel Company embossed on both sides. 

    * No. 806 Graham Wrecker (approx. 4") - black chassis with red body, silver lamps, has original tow hook 

    * No. 808 Graham Dairy Van (approx. 4") - white or cream with black chassis, silver lamps, closed two rear doors with round windows. Tootsietoy Dairy embossed on both sides.

    * No. 807 Delivery Cycle - (3") - rarest of the set with it produced only one year. Cycle is modified version from Funnies Set, with tin plate cover (raises and lowers) over die cast box. (yellow with silver spoke wheels and capped figure). 

Full color box cover (approx. 11" x 9" x 2½") with art deco design showing a Mack truck emerging and crossing checkerboard floor with upright pillars on either side. Includes awesome 6" x 3" original 22 page Tootsietoy catalog for 1932. 

Sold: Feb. 2013

Price Sold: $ 2650


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