c.1955 Nomura, Red Face "Zoomer Robot" in Original Box

c.1955 Nomura, Red Face

Outstanding example of Nomura's iconic blockhead "Zoomer the Robot" complete with original box. As one of the most recognizable of all Japanese tin robot toys. He has clear light bulb eyes which light up and his original red celluloid film underneath the mouth.

Red Zoomer is characterized by a flared rectangular charcoal colored body, a squarish-cube head (with "squeezed-like neck"), black "ear muffs", angled rectangular red legs, and long flat black feet. He has an embossed red pack on its back pierced by a 6½" long movable antenna, chrome plated coiled spring antenna hair, stubby red arms with black claw hands, and carries a black spanner wrench. Under each foot are two in-line rubber rollers; all 4 are original. The battery compartment (spotless) is on the left and stop/go switch is on the right. The underside between the legs is stamped Japan. 

Insert a single C-cell battery, switch on, and he starts walking with one leg in front of the other, while his light bulb eyes beam. Awesome just to watch it work. And everything does work great!

The original box has a color paste-down print of blue/gray Zoomer strutting through a destroyed city with each eye emitting a brilliant red ray. He carries a sledge hammer in his right hand and the wrench in the left. The Nomura and Showa trademarks along with "PATENT" were printed along the lower edge. The U.S. importer George Wagner trademark was printed on the upper right corner. 

Five variations of the Zoomer Robot were manufactured by Nomura. Alphadrome arbitrarily designated it as variation #5. Typically Nomura's Radar Robot is known for it's red face, charcoal body, and light bulb eyes. The Zoomer version with red face frequently has gel eyes, but as in this example, it's not always the case. 

Size: Approx. 7¾" (not including rear antenna). 

Sold: Aug. 2013

Price Sold: $ 1152


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