1993 MTH, Robby Space Patrol (Mechanized Robot) in Original Box

1993 MTH, Robby Space Patrol (Mechanized Robot) in Original Box

Mike's Train House or MTH produces a wide range of superb reproduction tin toys and trains. One of their classic "do-over" toys is Nomura's Battery Operated Mechanized Robot (i.e. Robby Space Patrol). Only 500 were produced and this was 20 years ago. This is a beautiful example in near mint+ condition and everything works great. It comes complete with its original box. There are no inserts or original paperwork. 

The toy features stop and go action with Robby moving and turning simultaneously in the same direction as the lower base. Robby's red cranium light remains lit the entire time it's working. The red and green circular visor lights in front of the seats flash on and off intermittently. 

It's all tin litho with the exception of the clear plastic Robby dome and two circular visors. Robby's hands are solid black vinyl. Even as a reproduction it's one of the most beautiful and detailed space toys ever produced.

It's interesting that when the box was reproduced it included several creases as did the original. Faint "crease" lines in the edges and near the corners are not real. No line can be felt when you run your finger across them. The box bottom was made with narrow wall cardboard which is identical to the original. Thick staples in the box bottom were correctly stapled vertically. However, staples holding the cover together were inserted horizontally and are narrow which is unlike the original.

Although there are several ways to tell the difference between the reproduction and the original However, the two easiest are 1) toy and box lack the Nomura trademark and 2) the inside liner of the battery box is stamped "MTH".

Size: 12¾". 

Sold: Sep. 2013

Price Sold: $ 1604


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