c.1963 Yonezawa, Space Patrol Tank X-11 in Original Box

c.1963 Yonezawa, Space Patrol Tank X-11 in Original Box

Unusual battery operated tin litho "Space Patrol Tank X-11" by Yonezawa. Comes in original die cut window display box with illustrated background. This is the metallic green version with its original concave metal large radar dish. Another combination red and dark blue version was also produced.

Features "non-fall action" which includes 3 rubber tires (2 horizontal, 1 vertical) and a red, double-ended thing. Moves forward on the 2 horizontal tires and the red thing. When the red thing loses ground contact (edge of a table), it allows the vertical tire to now make contact and it automatically turns! Not foolproof, but it's pretty neat.

The most prominent thing about this toy is its cockpit covered by two springy antennae. As it moves a loud clicking sound is emitted and the radar dish rotates. Simultaneously the two halves of the cockpit "roof" split apart and the blue cockpit itself rises out of the interior. It flashes in green and red lights, lowers back into the tank, and the roof sections snap closed (see last photos). Really great to watch!

The box has a full-color lift-up display window which folds up, above and behind the tank [while in the box]. The die cut window then gives it a three dimensional diorama effect because no text was printed on this illustrated panel. The box top has a second drawing along side the toy name, as well as listed actions, and company trademark. The back of the box has three schematics showing how to turn the box into a display.

Size: 8¼", 6½" with dish inserted.

Sold: Oct. 2013

Price Sold: $ 371


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