c.1959 TPS Fickle Lady Bug Baby Bugs In Original Box

c.1959 TPS Fickle Lady Bug Baby Bugs In Original Box

T.P.S. produced several versions of their popular "Lady-Bug Family" toy using several different titles. However I couldn't find this "Fickle Lady Bug and Baby Bugs" version in any of the usual references. Clockwork and all tin-litho it comes complete with its original box.

The major difference between the Fickle Bug and the other bug toys are its multiple actions. Specifically, in addition to its haphazard random movement the back end of the mama bug has die cut holes. Typically this is a continuous piece of tinplate without any holes. However, six holes cut into the surface reveal mama's underlying "tissue". Once it's wound and set on its way a spring release mechanism gradually changes the yellow dots to red. Then suddenly it snaps back into position and their once again yellow. This occurs continuously at regular intervals.

And then there's the basic bug action; mama move hither and thither pulling her larvae in every which way they happen to move. The three babes can rotate 360° right or left using a friction mechanism that comes in contact with the wheels only randomly. In actuality Mama does all the work. She runs on two rubber and one polished tin wheel underneath her base. The key is attached and the two coil spring antennae are very well done replacements. The T.P.S. trademark was lithoed onto her right rear corner. The kids run on two rubber tires.

All actions work well!

The box has a cartoon-like cover illustration showing the Fickle Lady Bug followed closely by her three off-spring. They seem to be very happy. Definitely the little squirrel thing printed on the lower left corner is smiling about something. The box aprons all show overhead views of the bugs. It's original $1.44 Toy Barn price sticker is still attached.

Size: 16¾"

Date Sold: Jan. 2011

Price Sold: $ 140


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