1964 Whitman, The Beatles Punch Out Portraits Book

1964 Whitman, The Beatles Punch Out Portraits Book

Regardless if you're a Beatles collector, punch-out book collector, or toy collector all have one thing in common. That is, collect the highest grade item you can afford. This oversize Beatles Punch-Out Portraits book has everything to satisfy even for the most critical collector.

Printed in the U.S. in 1964 by Whitman Publishing for distribution in Britain it provides an historic and wonderfully early view of the Beatles. The front and back covers are full color heavy card stock. In fact the back cover is in itself a punch-out for creation of a Beatles hanging mobile.

The first three and last three pages are made of the same material as the covers and also printed in full color. The first two, and last two pages provide punch-out facial portraits of each Beatle complete with foldable frame. A one paragraph biography of each member is printed just above their image (e.g., John is the only married Beatle). The images themselves were taken from real photos.

The third card stock page punches and folds out to form a three dimensional stage. The third to last card stock page has separate punch-out illustrations of each Beatle which were intended to be tabbed into slots on the stage.

Between the card stock pages include 14 additional pages of illustrations, puzzles, and Beatles information printed on thin "coloring book" type paper. Of course they were provided for coloring by pencil or crayon. The first of these pages was also printed with the 1964 copyright, as well as the front cover. Reflectively, these pages have some of the most odd information. For example there's a Beatles to English translation dictionary! One image shows them playing at Liverpool's Cavern Club, another is maze puzzle to guide the Beatle to his correct instrument. They show travel maps through Europe, U.S, and Australia. Individual pages for each Beatle with their instrument of choice can be colored (did John play the banjo). These pages are very fragile, yellowed with age and brittle. The "John" page has the only single ¼" edge nick on the entire book.

Size: 14" x 10"

Date Sold: Feb. 2011

Price Sold: $ 109


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