c.1900 Children's Chromolithographed Victorian Sand Pail

c.1900 Children's Chromolithographed Victorian Sand Pail

Outstanding chromolithographed children's tin litho sand pail with original bail. Unmarked, but definitely Victorian era. 

The gold finished scrollwork with green leaves winds around the sides of the pail, as well as above and below the two children scenes. This scroll, although difficult to see in my photo's, was highly embossed. The second photo probably best captures the amount of embossing. These areas were all lithographed with bright metallic finish.

It has two seaside scenes on opposite sides; one for girls and the other boys. The boys side shows two lads at the ocean's edge standing on some rocks. One stands while the other kneels to prod a crab. A ship can be seen in the distant background.

The "girls side" shows two children standing on rocks at the water's edge. Dressed in late Victorian period clothing girl in the foreground points to a small paper boat that they just launched. Meanwhile, just in back of them a real schooner sails through the oncoming waves. I couldn't identify the manufacturer.

The seam was beautifully joined, completely flat, and has precisely matched right and left edges.

Both the top and bottom edges were rolled. The underside is polished tin (silver). The gold colored metal bail has a brass finish. It's tapered on the ends and is fluted. It connects to the pail with a cotter pin-like hardware and is indented at the lip which prevents it from moving. The interior is mostly plated zinc alloy with only light, spotty patches of rust.

Size: 3¾" tall. 5" including bail. 2¼" base diameter. 3½" opening.

Date Sold: Jun. 2009

Price Sold: $ 136


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