1959 Mattel, Detective Snub Nose .38 & Holster in Box

1959 Mattel, Detective Snub Nose .38 & Holster in Box

Fresh to the market is this fantastic Mattel Official Detective Snub Nose .38 Shootin' Shell pistol with Shoulder Holster. Spectacular mint condition never removed from the original box. Complete with all paperwork. Purchased from the original owner. 

Contents include die cast, chrome plated revolver with plastic cross-hatched grips. The pistol has never been removed from the holster. It's held in place with the original factory tie. The holster includes the thick vinyl wrap around shoulder strap. Also included is the complete number of shootin' shells (6 brass shell casings and 12 plastic shells). The cellophane bag and header card which holds the shells is still factory stapled to the inside of the box. Over time the cellophane became brittle until it cracked open releasing its contents. Fortunately they're all still there and the cellophane bag is complete. The set also contains the Mattel Detective wallet with ID card, insert and badge. These are factory sealed in the original bag and stapled to the inside box wall. Underneath these neat-o accouterments are the original fold-out instructions, plus the original shootin' range silhouette target. 

The box is absolutely fabulous. The cover was illustrated with an accurate drawing of the detective at his desk answering the telephone. Of course he's wearing the shoulder holster and pistol. Never can tell when you might need it while on the phone. The contents of the set fill up the rest of the panel. The box aprons include instructions for wearing the holster and loading the revolver. 

It's incredible to think that someone owned this toy with the intention of playing with it, yet it was never touched.

Size: Pistol 7", Box 8" x 12½" x 2"

Sold: Apr. 2008

Price Sold: $ 290


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