1961 Asahi, Renault Floride Cabriolet in Original Box

1961 Asahi, Renault Floride Cabriolet in Original Box

Incredible tin litho friction drive Renault Floride Cabriolet (convertible coupe) with removable hardtop. Manufactured by Asahi Toy Company (ATC), Japan specifically for the Japanese market. In superb unplayed with near mint condition. Comes complete with original box, original ATC Japanese toy booklet, plus original cardboard hangtag with cord. 

Beautiful car originally designed for the "California" market of the early '60's. Actual car had engine located in the rear (which is why a front grille was unnecessary). Few made it into the U.S. 

Scarce two-door convertible with pale yellow body is so bright and clean it's hard to believe that it's tin litho.....but that's exactly what it is.  All tin litho with rear wheel friction drive motor. Features red flocked interior, tin litho dashboard, authentic front hood ornament, and chrome plated side molding and body trim. Additional chromed components include front and rear bumpers, license plate holder, tail light holders, rear Floride grille, door handles, windshield frames (front and rear), and wheel centers. Tires are all solid black rubber with wide white sidewalls. It has both of its original blue tinted celluloid windshields, plastic steering wheel, plastic headlights (yellow tinted) and plastic red taillights. The removable hardtop is all plastic except for the rear windshield and frame. Black chassis base plate is embossed with car details plus the ATC Santa Claus logo.

The exterior of the box features three full color photographs from Renault's 1961 sales catalog. The front cover shows two images of the car, as convertible and hardtop, set against a background of blue and white space age shapes and arches. The front and rear aprons show a close-up of the convertible with its separated hardtop. In this photo a woman is shown on the front hood. It's difficult to tell exactly what she's doing. I found an original of this catalog on-line and could then see that she was reading a book propped up on the windshield. The side aprons show the Floride head-on with headlights glowing. The box is beautifully simple having very little text.

Also included is its original glossy ATC cardboard hangtag written in Japanese on both sides. The braided pink cord which the card hangs from is original to the toy. As a fine addition to this toy, it still has its original in-package color insert (please note that the top photo of the pamphlet is also its first page which is shown just below it). The cover shows a typical anime figure (that "S" chest emblem must stand for something). The Floride is introduced alongside another French classic, the Eiffel Tower. Another photo insert for "miniature car" shows a Japanese woman playing with several of the cars. The back panel has a terrific pale green model portrait. The green interior is filled with Japanese. I'm guessing that it's advertising for other cars from the series. It prominently features a large black and white illustration of a very happy young lad. 

Size: 9½".

Sold: Aug: 2008

Price Sold: $ 1225


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