1963 Yonezawa, Battery Operated Fire Chief Cadillac in Original Box

1963 Yonezawa, Battery Operated Fire Chief Cadillac in Original Box

Incredible condition and very unusual battery operated Fire Chief Cadillac complete with its original box. Complex mechanism, yet everything works beautifully. Grades NM in VG+ to excellent box.

Vehicle is all tin litho with polished tinplate ladder assembly and hose platform. All of its functions are controlled by the position of the metal rod protruding near the corner of the rear left roof edge. Once in place the actions are controlled entirely through the tethered remote. It can be raised or lowered into three positions.

  •  Rod raised to max. height (¾”) – loud siren, flashing roof light, moves forward, reverse, steering by remote.
  • Rod at mid-level (½”) – loud siren, flashing roof light
  • Rod at low-level (¼”) – loud siren, flashing roof light, 
    Button 1 remote - ladder extends out from car interior, automatically raising ladder to 90° while elevating hose platform 7” above the interior car deck. Hoses (lithoed) are automatically extended as the ladder is raised.
    Button 2 remote – reverse the process to lower the ladder, inserts itself into the car body tucking in the hoses and platform near the tailgate.

 Beautifully detailed ’63 Cadillac Sedan modified to a station wagon. Solid cherry red body embossed with doors, side windows, front hood, etc. and extensively detailed. Chassis is solid tinplate. Tires are solid black rubber with tin litho hubs. Front windshield and emergency roof light housing are transparent plastic.

Tether is 3ft long and covered with red vinyl tubing. The two button remote with steering wheel is all plastic.

Box shows a side view illustration of the Ladder Car in its raised 90° extended position. Box aprons show position of the ladder half way through its extension and completely inserted into vehicle. Includes the original insert still fixed to the box bottom interior.

Size: 11¼”. 

Price Sold: $ 787


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