1940 Marx Aluminum Tractor Trailer Scraper In Original Box

1940 Marx Aluminum Tractor Trailer Scraper In Original Box

Fantastic 4pc. pre-war, clockwork "Aluminum Tractor & Trailer with Scraper and Driver" complete with original box. In amazing near mint condition with barely any indication that it was played with. Dazzling silver-mirrored aluminum surfaces throughout and works great!

The tractor design was the first to use a curved front radiator. Prior to this they were manufactured with flat square edges. It also has the earlier style of narrow ½" wide black rubber treads. Later the same year Marx switched to wider 1" treads. The surface is actually an aluminum skin on top of a steel housing which gives it weight, support, as well as good looks. Exhausts, hood lines, and radiator grille are all embossed. The wheels are painted pressed steel with polished steel centers. The separate (correct) driver is tin litho. It has an attached wind-up key and start stop lever.

The tractor pulls an all-aluminum two wheeled trailer. Only the balloon wheels are painted red tin litho. Connected to the front slot just under the radiator is a separate all-aluminum scraper. In addition to aluminum Marx also produced copper, brass, and bronze finished tractors. However, these were only "finishes" applied to a steel substrate and would quickly scratch and wear. Only aluminum was used as base metal substitute for steel. However aluminum could be damaged more easily.

The box is all text. Please note that it has the correctly corresponding title that includes "Aluminum" in the title. The aluminum designation was printed on every panel and endflap.

Size: Tractor ½". Trailer 4". Scraper 5½" wide

Date Sold: Jun. 2011

Price Sold: $ 333


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