1956 Kaname, Volvo P1900 2-dr. Sport Coupe in Original Box

1956 Kaname, Volvo P1900 2-dr. Sport Coupe in Original Box

Scarce battery operated tin litho Volvo P1900 manufactured by Kaname and Asahi. Beautiful two door hardtop complete with original box. Strong excellent+ to near mint and everything works!

Produced only from 1954 to 1957, in quantities of less than 100 per year, the actual car is a much sought after collector's item. A convertible Sports version was intended to compete with the new Chevrolet Corvette. Few hardtops were made. 

The toy is an accurate representation of the actual car. All embossed tin litho; 2-door, 2-seater sports coupe characterized by a long, gradually sloping hood ending in a squared-off front grille. The actual metal grille is recessed front and has the Volvo name embossed above it. The parts which look like they were chrome plated are actually polished tin. This includes the grille, bumpers, side molding and door handles, windshield frame, headlight rims, wheel covers, and tail lights. 

The chassis is a solid single plate. The Kaname trademark is stamped into the metal between the rear wheels. The tires are solid black rubber. The front windshield is the original celluloid.

It has a 39" long tethered remote control covered with its original green vinyl tubing. The controller is dark blue and has its original insert. It has two red buttons, forward and reverse, plus a large red steering wheel. The steering mechanism controls the position of the front wheels and it does work. The front headlights turn on whenever the vehicle is moving. The lights are the original glass head lamps.  

The box cover was illustrated with a full color image of the car being driven from a snowy farm into the black void. Asahi trademark is in the lower left corner. Simpler illustrated directions for operating the car plus several simpler images appear on the aprons. It also has its original Japan import sticker on the right apron. The cover has been professionally restored by Randy's Toy Shop.

Size: 8¼".

Sold: Aug. 2009

Price Sold: $ 330


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