1964 Nomura, Lincoln Continental Lite-O-Wheel in Original Box

1964 Nomura, Lincoln Continental Lite-O-Wheel in Original Box

Unusual tin litho Lincoln Continental with light up battery operated spinning wheels! Works great. Complete with original box. 

Awesome four door maroon sedan with random stop and go action (in addition to the lighted wheels). Actually only the front wheels are electric and they don't even touch the ground. The section of the wheel which is typically rubber is, in this case, translucent white plastic with embossed treads (see 2nd photo).  Note: the rear wheel in my photo has an unlit section which appears to flash when it makes ground contact.

Tin litho interior includes detailed and embossed dashboard with Continental logo above the glove compartment. Marked "Made in Japan" on center of rear window well. Only the box is marked with the manufacturer's trademark. The steering wheel is plastic. Has front and rear blue tinted windshields. 

Loaded with chrome; note especially the fender trim which runs on both sides for the entire length of the car, down to the bumpers. The front grille and rear bumper assemblies are chrome as well as the hub caps. It has a white stop/start lever just below the driver's side door. The battery compartment has it's original (firmly seated) door and latch. 

The box has a great color illustration of the car at night with its tires actually lighting the pavement. The driver looks pretty happy too. The drawing is an accurate representation of the actual toy except for the hood ornament. It was not built with one although it's shown on the box. Front and rear aprons show a young lad using the lighted wheels to read by! An old-timer looks on. The side aprons show an excellent front view of the car. 

Size: 10¾".

Sold: Apr. 2010

Price Sold: $ 325


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