c.1955 Linemar, Searchlight Jeep Original Box

c.1955 Linemar, Searchlight Jeep Original Box

Neat little drab olive tin litho "Searchlight Jeep with Revolving Searchlight" with tethered remote control, removable driver in original box. Immaculate near mint+ to mint in box condition and everything works! Also includes not one, but two different, instruction sheets!

Classic drab olive Army Jeep features a large white star on the hood. From his uniform and white helmet the driver appears to be an MP. He's in accurate scale to the steering wheel because his hands wrap perfectly arount the edges. His butt has a metal ribbon which tabs him to the front seat. He can be removed, but unless you're careful it may scratch the seat when reinserted so I'd leave it as is. 

Behind the MP is a revolving red searchlight. It uses its original red celluloid snap on lens and bulb which still works. The back of the vehicle is the original orange gas can and spare tire. The underside chassis is a single black plate stamped with the manufacturers trademark and "Japan". The tires are solid black rubbed with polished tin centers. 

The tin litho two button remote control is tethered to the jeep with approximately 44" of wire. The two buttons control forward and reverse with simultaneously spinning and flashing of the searchlight. It also has its original battery box insert.

The box features a panel wide color illustration of two searchlight jeeps on city patrol duty. The front and rear aprons show a single searchlight jeep with remote unit. Apron side include another view of the jeep looking at it head-on.

It has two sets of instructions which I've never seen before. The first, which is pasted to the inside cover instructs how to insert the battery and troubleshooting. The loose instruction sheet pertains to correct attachment of the searchlight the jeep. 

Couldn't find this toy listed in Don Hultzman's book on battery op toys.

Size: 7½". 

Sold: May 2010

Price Sold: $ 140


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