c.1940 Marx Rookie Pilot In Original Box

c.1940 Marx Rookie Pilot In Original Box

Clockwork tin litho "erratic action" Rookie Pilot by Marx. Awesome high grade excellent+ to near mint toy comes complete with original box.

Unusual looking toy moves with erratic up and down, right and left, random action. As it does this the oversize pilot head rocks back and forth. The small wooden wheel in the rear really controls the action, combined with the movement of the large front wheels, direction of the wings, tilt up and down fuselage with pilots head hanging on, and you've got yourself a Rookie Pilot.

The toy name is lithoed onto both wings along with cartoon style illustrations. To characterize the toys' unpredictable motion the word "Rookie" was very cleverly lithoed with the two "O's" on top of one another rather than side to side.

Plus the singularly large Adam's Apple really makes the toy stand out.

The clockwork mechanism is located inside a polished tinplate housing underneath the cockpit. The key is attached. The propeller is also polished tin.

The scarce original box was printed only with text. The Marx logo style identifies it as a post-1939, but pre-WWII toy. The toy has this same logo lithoed just behind the pilot on the fuselage.

Size: 7" x 5-3 4" x 8" wingspan.

Sold: Apr. 2008 $383

Price Sold: $ 383


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