1930 Marx Aluminum Climbing Tractor in Original Box

1930 Marx Aluminum Climbing Tractor in Original Box

Superb example of the very first Marx climbing tractor. Complete with original driver and white rubber treads. Includes scarce illustrated style box and Bertoia Auctions hang tag.

Although Marx produced their first tractor in 1926, it wasn't until four years later that they replaced the motor and improved its torque. This gave it the ability to pull "heavy" loads, gave it lots of "pep", and could "climb up and over everything". At leas that's what it said on the box.

It's a wind-up clockwork toy with motor housed in an internal steel casing. The body is pressed and embossed aluminum. Wheels are pressed steel. The driver is tin litho. Treads are the earliest type used consisting of natural white rubber. Because of the deleterious effects of temperature the natural white rubber was replaced after only one year. 

It's embossed with 3 exhaust pipes on each side. The front radiator includes the Marx trademark, rectangular checkerboard grille, and the manufacturer's New York address. The driver is a scarce three dimensional figure measuring ¾" wide, with pull down hat and wide brim. 

The exceptionally scarce box was also the first climbing tractor type. Three panels include a black and orange illustration of the vehicle running up steep incline and traversing castle walls. The end flaps were illustrated with a down-hill image of the tractor as it passed over a startled miner. The rear panel features is very different from most Marx tractor boxes. It shows the tractor pulling, pushing, climbing up and down, and even moving diagonally across some uneven books. The up and down images represented "castle walls". The castle was actually a separate fold-up cardboard building that was available separately. Although I've seen illustrations of the castle I've never actually found or seen it in person. Also includes the Kaufman-Bertoia auction hang tag.

It's also interesting to note that one endflap has an art deco sticker advertising a place called the "Black Palm" and gives a New York City address. It was beautifully designed and I assume it was the name of the original store where the tractor was sold. However, I was unable to find out anything conclusive about it. 

Size: 8½". 

Sold: Nov. 2011

Price Sold: $ 128


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