c.1931 Marx, "Merry Makers" in Original Box

c.1931 Marx,

Superb high grade example of Marx' classic tin litho clockwork "Merry Makers" complete with rare original box. Probably one of the best toys ever made it features a 4-piece mouse band lithoed only in white, red, and black. 

Originally selling for 98¢ one mouse plays an upright piano, another dances, a third beats a large drum, while the fourth sits on top of the piano to lead the other three. All four wear formal tuxedos complete with white button shirt, red buttoned vest, white gloves, and spats! Other details include many caged mice, several cat faces, and art deco colored piano. The rear of the piano has the Marx name, trademark, patent numbers, and toy name in block lettering. 

It winds up using an attached key, and has a stop/start lever on the right side of the piano. Each mouse rocks from side to side and up and down simultaneously. Fantastic action!

The box top, front and rear panels were printed with the Mouse band under full swing. These panels appear to be a "window" image of an old time burlesque stage complete with conductor, floor lights, wood planking and raised curtains. Looking suspiciously like Cab Calloway the leader jives away while his six piece orchestra plays in the back ground. The side panels repeat the toy and manufacturer name. The bottom is blank. The two interior flaps are also important with this toy. One shows a schematic with figures A-D assembled. The other flap includes directions for assembly and operation. 

Size: Approx. 10" x 9" x 5" assembled. 

Sold: Sep. 2011

Price Sold: $ 1126


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