c.1931 S.I (Japan), Klimax Fighting Car in Original Box

c.1931 S.I (Japan), Klimax Fighting Car in Original Box

Early prewar clockwork tin litho armored vehicle called the "Klimax Fighting Car". Superb excellent+ to near mint condition and works great (including the sparking mechanism). Comes complete with original box and ancient key. 

Toys of this type were used as propaganda following Japan's invasion of China in 1931. The word "klimax" [climax] infers "ultimate" or "supreme". Topping it off is the Japanese Army 5-pointed star emblem on the front grille. The large turret contains twin sparking cannons which still work. 

This colorful orange, green, yellow, and red camouflaged 6-wheel vehicle was manufactured by an unknown Japanese company using an "S.I" trademark on the rear step. Black "dots" represent rivet heads which hold together the "heavy" metal plating. Tires are "protected" by separately tabbed extended metal fenders. 

Additional details include an armor plated rear door with step, balloon type treaded tires, enclosed clockwork motor, forward and rear gun slots, cannon sighting windows, and fender mounted spare tire. Includes separate key which may even be original to the toy. 

The vehicle' rear step, plus the box itself were also marked "FOREIGN" which helps date the toy. This term was mandated by Congress in 1890 to impose tariffs for any U.S. imported product. The law was revised in 1921 to include the name of the exporting country. In this case "JAPAN" was stamped in large letters on the box. The "Foreign" requirement was dropped in 1933.

The box features a fantastic color illustration of the Klimax Car in action on both the front and rear panels. Endflaps include an unusual view looking down onto the truck. The toy name and manufacturer trademark along with the credo "always ready for action" were printed on the remaining two box panels. 

Size: 4".

Sold: Sep. 2011

Price Sold: $ 251


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