1934 Gilbert, Erector Set No. 7 in Original Box

1934 Gilbert, Erector Set No. 7 in Original Box

From the William M. Bean Collection, author of Greenberg's Guide To Erector Sets comes this fantastic set from 1934. Originally billed in the Gilbert catalog as "The Sensational No. 7" it's complete and inventoried by Mr. Bean himself. In fact I found the author's original "inventoried and complete 1/93" note inside the box (shown below). His original set number and personal inventory number are still stickered to the outside of the box in the lower left corner (also shown below).

What makes this set even more special is that it's the exact set photographed in the Greenberg's Guide! Using a magnifying glass I was able to match up little nuances like a small mark on the boiler label and scratches on the wheel hubs. The set is pictured in Volume II, page 25. The only real difference is replacement of the parts lids. The Guide shows them with nickel plated lids. Apparently Mr. Bean replaced them with powder blue. Fortunately both are correct because in 1934 this particular set was produced with either nickel plated or blue lids. Position of two gears in the underside lid (center black circle) was also changed with the small pulley gear moved into one of the parts boxes. In addition Mr. Bean's original inventory label was relocated under the handle when it was photographed. Other than that they're identical. I've included a photo from the Greenberg's Guide for comparison.

The only other thing that's not original to the set is the blue insert. The original probably disintegrated from age. However it is the same one shown in the Greenberg's Guide. The blue color is slightly off because of photographic differences.

Just to make sure everything was still inside the box I checked it against the list of parts in the Greenberg's Guide. Curiously there were several things missing. I figured there was only one place they might be so I lifted up the insert. Underneath I found a bundle of the remaining parts wrapped in brown kraft paper (shown below). This also included the original glass vial of machine oil with cork stopper!

Also included is the correct original Gilbert Instruction Manual and the "in-box" product catalog.

As stated for the 1934 No.7 set it has the correct revised boiler label with gold background and the correct outer lid label with yellow background. All other minor modifications as compared with pre-1934 sets mentioned by Mr. Bean in the Greenberg's Guide such as change of length for Axle Rod (AS) from 3" to 2-7/8" are correct.

Size: Box 20" x 12" x 3".

Sold: Aug. 2011

Price Sold: $ 358


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