1952 Marx Tractor with Scoop Loader in Original Box

1952 Marx Tractor with Scoop Loader in Original Box

From the Donald Kaufman collection comes this beautiful unused pressed steel "Tractor with Scoop Loader". Complete with its original box it's never been assembled or played with. Includes original instructions and Bertoia Auction hang tag where it was purchased. 

Originally selling for $2.69 in the 1952 Sears-Roebuck Christmas catalog. Advertised as " powerful-looking tractor" because it was made of pressed steel rather than tin litho. Enameled red and blue with aluminum grille and steel litho tread tires. Only the driver and the engine details are tinplate. Front loader scoop has never been attached. Driver has never been inserted into the slots. 

Scoop arm is raised manually using the lever on the right with red wooden handle. The yellow lever on the left controls the dumping mechanism. It comes with its original metal wire rod which connects the yellow lever to the scoop. It too has never been connected. 

I've also included a tin litho trailer which was not part of the original set. However, it also originates from the Kaufman collection and has never been played with. It's the remaining piece from a multiple toy lot and does not have a separate hang tag. 

The box is heavy duty cardboard, two piece, with blue text printed on the front cover. It also comes with its original instructions showing assembly of the scoop connecting rod.

Size: 17" (not including trailer). Trailer 6".

Sold: Jan. 2012

Price Sold: $ 432


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